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Call Center Staffing & Management
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Call Center Support

Site(s) include multiple disciplines such as: Health CareTransportationInsurance, Banking, Information Technology, Credit Card processing centers, etc.

  • Professional Modern, Local, and Secure Facilities

  • Proficient, Easy, and Effective Call Center Set Up

  • Central Location(s)

  • Data Security, On-Site and Off-Site Technology Backing

  • High Level Information Technology Team Assisting in Client Protection

  • Lloyds of London Cyber Insurance, Client Cyber Security Defenses

  • Liability Insurances Covering All Phases of Client Projects

Call Center Management

  • Cost Containment

  • Customized Call Center Management – More Than 25 Years’ Experience

  • On-Site Manager – Day-to-Day Operational Excellence

  • Customized Call Center Reports

  • SLA Containment

  • Metrics Performances Managed

  • Professional HR Candidate Interviewing, Testing, Background, and Reference Checks

  • Customer Service Candidate Testing and Evaluations

  • Customized Customer Service Training

  • Staff Management and Coaching, Meeting 99.9% Quality Goals