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We are a Professional and Trusted Woman-Owned Business Partner with more than 25 years’ experience in Customized Staff Augmentation; Call Center Management and Support; and Serving public and private sector organizations while consistently providing ethical, quality services, and meaningful customized collaboration to every client.
Our Services

Call Center Support

Site(s) include multiple disciplines such as: Health Care, Insurance, Transportation, Banking, Credit Unions, AND Education

  • Professional Modern, Local, and Secure Facilities

  • Proficient, Easy, and Effective Call Center Set Up

  • Central Location(s)

  • Data Security, On-Site and Off-Site Technology Backing

  • High Level Information Technology Team Assisting in Client Protection

  • Lloyds of London Cyber Insurance, Client Cyber Security Defenses

  • Liability Insurances Covering All Phases of Client Projects


Call Center Management

  • Cost Containment

  • Customized Call Center Management – More Than 25 Years’ Experience

  • On-Site Manager – Day-to-Day Operational Excellence

  • Customized Call Center Reports

  • SLA Containment

  • Metrics Performances Managed

  • Professional HR Candidate Interviewing, Testing, Background, and Reference Checks

  • Customer Service Candidate Testing and Evaluations

  • Customized Customer Service Training

  • Staff Management and Coaching, Meeting 99.9% Quality Goals

Whether you need to manage employee relations, staff a startup, or develop training materials, our HR professionals will plan, implement, and manage solutions that maximize your people potential.
Project Management
We proactively manage projects of any scope or size for public and private sector clients. Let us help your team streamline processes, customize methodologies, launch new initiatives, and more.
Health Care - Service Possibilities
Our trusted team provides direct interaction with program participants in a personal manner through telephone, internet, text, direct mail through the United States Postal Service, or face-to-face.
Data Backup & IT Recovery
Safeguard valuable data resources and efficiently manage information with customized solutions developed to reduce costs, optimize processes, and maintain client trust.

Human Resource Consulting

American Personnel Managers & Consultants, Inc. provides HR Consulting Services  through a broad spectrum of HR disciplines supporting a customized plan to assist with success of your organization. Our HR consulting services provide a combination of experience, professionalism, integrity and a timely execution of  mutually agreed  deliverables and performance management results .  Our clients are large and small,  public and private organizations, where we provide a cost effective solution on a “as needed bases” to include recruiting, screening, interviewing, hiring, training, benefits administration, etc.  American Personnel Management & Consulting services supports extensive cost savings to each client, while meeting specific goals and metrics with a keen eye on client success.  We welcome your request for a personal meeting to assist with your Human Resource solutions.

Managed Services

Overall Program Management


  • Professional support includes American Personnel single point of contact
  • Process support and administration services
  • Deliverables within SCOPE of project
  • On Time Delivery
  • Change management support

Professional Services Provider


  • Customized staffing solutions
  • Consulting Services and resolutions
  • Unbiased – third party observations, feedback, reporting and support
  • Customer support providing decreased daily management requirements
  • Potential operational cost reductions
  • Supports tactical business operations controls
  • Local, National and global recruiter

Project Sourcing


  • Support client initiatives to achieve company goals
  • Recruit, interview, test, onboard and train staff
  • ProJet staffing, Staff training and Management
  • Reporting & Analytics

Customized Services


  • A-la-carte AND full suite of services
  • Operational support – Research, deployment, development
  • Support clients via Data Entry, administrative and operational support
  • Collaborate and assist clients with labor and Human Resource cost containment

Direct Hire Services


  • Recruitment Mid and High-level staffing search
  • Candidate Resume Review, Interview and Job fit analysis
  • Professional Background check & Drug Testing
  • Client approval and affirmation – next steps to hire

Procurement Services


  • Office Furniture: desks, chairs, scanners, copiers, etc.
  • Phone Systems
  • Hardware, software, wiring, etc.
  • Information and Building security systems
  • Time and attendance system and reporting
Human Resource Support/Workforce Solutions
  • Support Human Resource activities through Highly-customized solutions
  • Flexible, scalable business partner
  • Strategic Services
  • Staffing and placement services
  • Training and development
  • Compensation strategy, benefits, disciplinary actions
  • Customer Relationship Management consulting services
  • Human Resource compliance, EEOC, ADA, FLSA, EPA, FUTE, USERRA
  • Employee Records audits
  • Seamless integration
  • Speed to work duty productivity
IT Support
  • Customized Software sourcing and integration
  • Centralized control of networks, systems, databases, and applications
  • Backup and recovery
  • Security & lnformation Assurance Services

Employee Child day care services
available through our Business partner.

Autism Employee child educational services
available through our Business partner.

About Us

Our business consulting team works as an extension of yours to solve challenges in project management, call centers, customer service training, human resources, and IT.  With over 70 collective years of experience in the public and private sectors, American Personnel Managers and Consultants, Inc. delivers the resources and know-how to help you meet business objectives.


American Personnel Managers & Consultants, Inc. is a strategic partner, supporting clients in meeting their goals and objective. We are an EEO, ADA, HIPPA, FLSA, USERRA, EPPA, PRWORA, Human Resource organization abiding by all state and federal laws of the United States of America.

Our firm was expanding and needed to select a temporary service group for the startup. Not only did APMCI help select a firm, but they assisted in managing them. They directed the temporary service managers in a myriad of activities, keeping us on track. When you have a group like that to help in a crisis, the results are more than amazing.
We've found American Personnel Managers and Consultants, Inc. to be professional business partners in "finding the right person for the right job." Their abilities as a Central Pennsylvania professional recruiting firm are extraordinary, always getting the job done on time and often exceeding our expectations.
Bill M.
American Personnel has done an amazing job with our customer service and call center project management related to recruiting, training, and staffing. They have developed call center procedures for our customer service and help desk, identifying inbound and outbound issues, concerns, and challenges. APMCI has the experience, integrity, and capabilities to manage and assist our team to meet our overall goals and objectives. They are second to NONE!!
Charles R.
We contacted American Personnel Managers and Consultants, Inc. looking for assistance as a startup firm. Their president spent time with our team further developing our business plan, goals, and objectives, while assisting us in hiring the right people. Although our team is a strong group of people, we quickly realized the value an outside consultant brought to our business.
During the past four years, our company has worked with American Personnel Managers and Consultants as a contract staffing firm on a large Commonwealth initiative. Their ability to function as an independent member of our team, working within the scope of our project, has been outstanding. They know what needs to be done--and they get it done.
Jack R.
American Personnel Managers and Consultants, Inc. has done an excellent job for my company with their ability to recruit, screen, and place high-level staff within our firm. Their reputation of listening to me (the customer) and filling my needs as a one-stop shop organization is superior.
John R.
We've used APMCI on several different levels. On some occasions, we enlisted their help on a project management basis to expand and set up a new business venture; while other times, we've utilized their skills and expertise as business and HR consultants. They know what they're doing and they're great!