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American Personnel Managers & Consultants, Inc. is a United States, locally owned Pennsylvania based Company committed to, and focused on, meeting overall Client Project Management needs.


The Core business functions of American Personnel Managers and Consultants, Inc. are Project Management Staffing and  Support Services: 

  • IT Help Desk/Call Center Staffing, Management and Training
  • Media Services and Console Operations
  • Health, Welfare, Child Support and Medicare Services
  • Computer Management and Deployment Services,
  • IT  Hardware, software, storage and support Services
  • HR Management, Employee Relations, Training & Development

American Personnel is a leading provider of high quality business solutions offering outstanding customer service and customized resolutions to managing Human Resource capital, efficiently and cost effectively.  We are a certified Business Partner with a Global Technology Leader whose abilities to provide  comprehensive client business solutions include Infrastructure consolidation and optimization services, hardware, software storage and support services.   Our primarily focus is on State, Federal and Local  government business, with the goal of further developing business and creating jobs within the borders of the United States.  Our reputation for integrity, flexibility and customized customer solutions are just some of the reasons our clients engage us on projects year after year.

  • We are certified as a WBE in: Pa., Md., Va., Delaware, New York & N.J. 
  • Federal GSA 70 and SBA (small business administration) certifications
  • SBA  Certification  WOSDB (woman owned small disadvantaged business)

Our BPOS- Business Process Outsourcing and Staffing Services works seamlessly with our Strategic Workforce Management process for achieving operational excellence and competitive advantage; outsourcing business processes and staff as designated by client needs. Our team offers more than 70 years experience in Business Management, Project Management, Staffing, Training, HR, Recruiting etc. working with clients to: improve, execute, and manage processes based on defined Specific Projects which include Scope of Work and Performance Standards.  We serve Public and Private Sector business including all Commonwealth agencies.  


Our Employees:    

American Personnel Managers & Consultants, Inc. is committed to providing our employees with jobs and career opportunities that enhance their lives and those of their families.  We place people before revenue, working consistently with our employees to provide outstanding customer service,  excellent job performance,  and dedication to "Making a Difference" to our client's service delivery through a strong group of employees who form our team.

Our Firm Provides:

  • Strategic Workforce Management
  • Staff Augmentation – Large or Small Projects
  • Quick, Concise, Responsive Professional feedback
  • Customized Training and HR Development
  • Resume Review and Validation
  • Professional Skills Assessment
  • State & Federal Background & Reference checks
  • Regulated Drug Screening
  • Team Building    

 Other Applicable Skills and Experience In:

  • IT Project Management & Staffing
  • Project Management
  • Call Center, Help Desk and Customer Service Staffing & Management
  • Customer Service Training - customized to individual client needs 
  • Workforce Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Document Management & Processing Services
  • Desktop Deployment, Warehouse storage/Distribution, Product Installation
  • Information Back Up, and Recovery

 Health Care:

  • Project Management
  • Supervise scheduling,registration, job duties and performance
  • Manage medical records,Data Entry, physician schedules
  • Outsourcing, Recruiting, Staffing, Training
  • Claims Processing
  • Document Management
  • Information Management i.e, Sharing, Storage, Retrieval
  • Patient Healthcare interactions and outcomes
  • Mobile technology delivering past, current and future patient medical actions
  • Clinical Analysis-via utilization of technology to Monitor and manage patient data
  • Portable patient records management for improved patient care and outcomes
  • Back Office operational efficiency improvements
  • Financial Performance management, cash balancing and posting 
  • Long Term Project Planning and Implementation

Education & Banking:

  • Project Management
  • Outsourcing, Recruiting, Staffing
  • Help Desk, Call Center Outsourcing, staffing and management
  • Client specific, Customer Service Staff training & development
  • Payment Recovery
  • Records Management, storage and recovery

Certified Reseller: Hardware, Software, Business Support Services  Providing:

  • Backup Recovery and Archiving Solutions
  • Business Continuity and Availability Solutions
  • Government Risk & Compliance Solutions
  • Information Security Solutions
  • Infrastructure Consolidation and Optimization Solutions
  • Data Center Management
  • Data Warehousing 
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Software Development Kit & Driver
  • Information Storage










Infrastructure Consolidation and Optimization Solutions

About Us

American Personnel Managers & Consultants, Inc

A  Project Management Company 

With more than 70 years  combined Project Management and Human Resourse experience, hundred of clients in Public and Private sectors, American Personnel has the knowledge and  resources needed to plan, develop, implement and manage  the most complex business initiatives. We deploy the right talent, experience,and  skills, while optimizing your internal staff  with outside consultants thereby providing outstanding business outcomes.

We provide:
Organized Unified Processes Custom Methodologies Systems Life cycle Support Project Cycle Management Conflict Management Team Building Organizational Change Management Six Sigma Facilitation Services Technical Communication and Support

WBE Certifications (Woman Business Enterprise) ;  Pa., Md., Va. Delaware, New York, New Jersey
Pa Dot UCP Certified 
Pa. Small Diverse Business Pa. ITQ (Invitation to Quality)
Federal SDBE ( Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) WOSDB company (Woman Owned Small Disadvantaged Bus Call Center Help Desk Certified EMC Reseller Certified Dell Business Partner A  leading innovator in work force Management staffing, providing solutions which connect “people potential” to the needs of today’s ever changing business requirements. We provide unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across state & federal governments, with a collaborative and customized focus on client needs through: On-Site Project Management; Staff Augmentation ;Outsourcing (Facility and/or Departments);  long term Project Management and staffing with total reliability, integrity, dedication and consistent quality to every client. Our Strengths are in:








Amerijob Staffing Solutions
Amerijob Staffing Solutions Amerijob Staffing Solutions Amerijob Staffing Solutions Amerijob Staffing Solutions