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IT Sourcing & Data Backup
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Your business can’t afford to lose time, money, or customer trust to IT problems, like storage snags or security breaches.

APMCI delivers the full-support IT services that help you maintain and protect valuable data resources. Whether you need to upgrade a cloud infrastructure or manage rapidly-growing data needs, our IT business partners provide the resources and expertise you need to efficiently manage information technology.

We are certified hardware and software resellers, offering products, support, and services as well as customized IT solutions, including:

  • Proactive growth management
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Storage optimization, support, and management
  • Automated backups
  • Reliable data restoration
Manage More
With Less

IT infrastructure is growing in both size and complexity. The APMCI team delivers scalable, integrated management solutions that enable your business to manage more systems with fewer resources and less time investment. Our partners can design, install, and support a 360-degree solution that gives you centralized control of networks, systems, databases, and applications.

The result? You spend less time wrangling with IT issues and more time focusing on core business objectives.

Maximum Uptime at Minimal Cost

Our proactive IT approach monitors critical resources to anticipate problems, automate corrective actions, and prevent crises before they negatively impact your team, customers, and bottom line.

Take Control of your IT and Data Resources

Smart IT infrastructure drives business value, creates better service delivery, and streamlines operations. Let APMCI’s team help you manage more with less by accelerating efficiency, maintaining compliance, minimizing risks, controlling costs, and improving data protection.